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Friday, July 08, 2005

Phuket, Thailand: Milk needed for tsunami kids

A charity daycare center in Bang Muang (Phuket, Thailand) has appealed for donations of milk for small children. The “Nice Care Center” behind the Tambon Administration Organization in Baan Bang Muang, near Baan Nam Kem, is run by the Duang Pratheep Foundation in Bangkok.

Coordinator Rojana Phraesrithong explained that the daycare center looks after more than 150 children as their parents struggle to make a living. Some children stay overnight and at weekends if both parents are out fishing.

K. Rojana explained that, immediately after December’s disaster, many people donated milk and other necessities but now, with fewer people visiting the camp, supplies are running low.

“The center has more than 150 children, aged from three to 18 years old. The little ones need pasteurized, sterilized or powdered milk,” she said.

Anyone wishing to donate milk should contact K. Rojana at Tel: 09-8941738.

(Source: Phuket Gazette)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sri Lanka: Art Therapist Volunteer Needed

Ms. Paulson writes to us:

Food For Life Global is currently looking for a qualified Art Therapist to volunteer at Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home in Sri Lanka.

Food For Life Global was so impressed by the level of care at Gokulam, that we have sponsored the home and are working to raise funds that are desperately needed due to the 100 tsunami orphans arriving currently.

On top of traditional fundraising we are also creating a whole new venture: Children Of The Tsunami – Arts, Gifts, and Education. COTTAGE will be a line of greeting cards designed with the art work of the children, with all proceeds going to the Children’s Home. COTTAGE is a project intended to financially support the children of Gokulam, to raise awareness about the Home and to provide the children with an artistic outlet. We hope to facilitate creative art therapy for the orphans, enabling them to express themselves in a unique way.

We’re open to any ideas or proposals, but are hoping for a two or three week project. FFL will provide housing, meals, and all art supplies needed.

Please contact us know if you, or someone you know, may be interested.

Thank You,
JenRenee Paulson
Food For Life Global

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Help Needed in Thailand

From our comments section:

For those seeking to help in Southern Thailand, Please contact Dan at http://thailandtsunamirelief.blogspot.com for Handclasp International. Your helping hands are welcomed and needed!

Tina Juliano

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Information Request about Sri Lankan Families

Peter Freeman sends this request by email

I am very concerned about the welfare of two families that we visit, every time we visit your country, they live in the south western area of Sri Lanka. in the area of Moragalla. Berawala, & Bentota, the two families in question that I am worried about are as follows, as I have since found out that the area they live in has been affected, I have had several people come back to me, with the same reply each time, get in touch with the Sri Lanka tourist board, these people are not tourists but Sri Lanka Families, Please Help me find out if they are ok.

Mr Susantha De-Silva & Family
No. 155a Maradana Road


Mr.& Mrs. S. Ramesena & son
221 D2 Gameda Road,

Any news of their safety & well being, (hopefully all is well with them) any news would be greatly appreciated

Thanking you for your time trouble & patience, I hope there is a positive response.

I can be contacted on the following
E:mail address: greenstone22@btinternet.com
Or on the telephone at 07796 675291
Or by post to Mr. Peter Freeman
22, Ashburton Road
Norfolk, IP26 5JA

Sunday, January 23, 2005


22 january 2005

Survey carried out by paola dm, tsunami help volunteer
in Phuket

I carried out a survey of my local neighborhood this weekend.

Here the situation is much less dramatic than in other areas, I hear, like
India and Sri Lanka for example. Basic needs are met, and is just a question of getting people back to their lifes.

In Phanga Provence up north people are still living in tents and although massive relief operations are in place, there is little 'on the ground' information of who they are and what exactly they need, so that people can help them directly

I can try to go to Phanga over the next couple of weeks, but if some volunteers are already there please post the info and spare me the journey.

By providing some basic data I hope donors who are wondering 'how can I help'
can get involved directly, and to encourage more field reports from other areas to be posted.

Similar granular data of people in other countries may be useful

Some small shops have started trading, although there are very few shoppers around, some have plans to do so within a few months and some have the means to get back to work, in the hope that life may go back to normal.

A few others still live in tents here too, although the only way to find out is to survey the areas in person.

Any donors, persons or entities interested in helping out any of the families below, kindly post a comment to this notice, so that others may keep track of whos getting what and decide to allocate their help accordingly

Please note that residents and shop keepers beach side may be asked to move
at the end of the season due to govenrment plans to rationalise (and protect from exploiteation?) the area


Nai Yang beach lies a few kms south of Phuket airport
Only nine people died in this location, over a hundred injured, but many many missing.

It has been the home of many small businesses and a only a couple of larger hotels
beacause it is near a national park protected area

Currently there are plans to move the small businesses away from the beach, so many discussions are taking place between some stalls owners and the government

I started my survey of needs at the southmost tip of the beach, and walked my way north to check out the situation, as this is the best that I can do for my neighborhood

I asked the following questions to the residents who were there at the time of my visit name of business and type of activity damage suffered help received from government and other sources plans for the future resources needed to start again

Below is what I found out,

I HAVE NOT VERIFIED the information provided
Please direct your resources as you see fit

Also note that from interviews I understand that only business owners who
are originally from this district have received help from the government,
all other residents who are originally from other districts or provinces
are not receiving any help


This is a small family restaurant, (I was a regular there)
Their entire house and business has been completely wiped out, together with ALL their

The family of three however is resourceful and happy to be alive
They found sufficient resources withing family and friends, in five days they have rebuilt a small house
and are planning to set up a new kitchen and open their small restaurant again

They say they have received the following financial assistance so far

2000 thai baht for loss of employment
15.000 +20.000 compensation for damage to property

they received contributions in kind from friends and relatives
to build their home equal to 120.000

they plan to open again april or october

they need to build the kitchen and buy all restaurant equipement
estimated cost 150.000
and they need to repair their fishing boat and buy a fishing net

TEL 66 1 9785728
(thai and english)

Bank's owner told me that mr CHAO is their next door neighbor (south side) who has lost his home and small restaurant
but the land may no longer be suitable because now there is a river on their land
He may have to find land elsewhere

contributions received so far: not known
estimated need 150.000

TEL 66 1 9785728
(thai and english)


used to live next door (norht side) to BANKS, he was a caretaker
to a house that has been partly destroyed (half of the walls are down)
he has no house and no job, and has not received any compensation by the govenrnment
probably because he is not originally a local resident
To help him

TEL 66 1 9785728
(thai and english)


Lost everything, received 2000 +20.000 (loss of job+compensation for damage to property)
needs approx 150.000 to start trading again

66 76 260487



The tailor is a senior man, his wife is dead, the building destroyed and all stock and belogings gone

He has received 2000+20.000,(loss of job+compensation for damage to property)

needs 150.000 to set up the shop again

contact MRS AROM if you wish to help the tailor

66 76 260487



used to have long chairs and umbrellas, and all his business is gone
he has also received 20,000 in contributions but needs 70.000 to start again



It was a wooden bar built around a tree, used to serve alcohol
only the tree is left, the owner seems fit and resourceful

has received 12.000 compensation,
need over 100.000 to start again

mr yom theptons
66 6 9405239


they used to serve alcohol and play lound music
have received `15.000 in contributions, and see to have sufficient resources to
start their business again in October

66 7 891 2384



Two brothers, Lost all building and equipment but they have managed to
re-open and now they are back in business with a few tables (not the travel agents
who are still closed)

received 7.000 need 150.000 they say

MR LEK 01 6763499




MR NIEW AND MR KAI told me they used to have a long tail boat
to take tourists around, and now have lost their business
they were sitting outside HANA SEAFOOD and told me they have only
received 2000 baht for loss of employment
they only speak thai phonr 66 9 9098575



this to me seemed perhaps the most urgent

the old lady Mama Ruai used to have this restaurant and also lived on the premises
the wave has wiped everything including all personal belongings, and they have lived
in a tent for the past three weeks

now they have built a small room with thin wooden walls around the ruins
and have no means to get back on their feet
also they did not keep money in the bank so all their savings are gong

they only have two tables and six chairs and a little handwritten sign
outside the wrecked premises says 'open for tea and coffee'
they dont have tables, tableware, cooker, fridge but also apparently no personal

her daughter used to have a small bar and gift shop next door, and everything is gone

the daughter has a child who attends the local school
Muang Thalang

Help received so far: 2000+15.00+2000+7.000
(loss of job+compensation for damage to property)
Need over 150.000 to purchase all restaurant equipment

They spoke little English but their sister can speak some

66 1 0877977


an English couple Erik and Lili Walker have provided the tents for Mama Ruai and her

they are residents at the pearl village opposite and are willing to coordinate
any help around the beach until the beginning of april 2005

66 69 533 124




a very kind donor from switzerland, mrs Erika, has purchased large
umbrellas for the group of massage ladies on the beach

Erika is also trying to sponsor all the schooling needs for all the affected
children of Nai Yang, she should be back next month


A disabled lady who used to sell refreshments opposite the Sea Beach
has no hands due to some illness
she has received contributions around 40.000 but she may be moved
elsewhere, and may need help with her child and elderly mother

also the husband has lost boat, engine and fishing net

66 4 1902676



used to have a small restaurant and lost everything
she has not received any help from the government because she is from
another province
her papers show a loss of approx 143.0000

mrs Nuwarat
09 5869852



Mario (my travel agent btw) has managed to save his couple of cars and bikes
but has lost shop, his wife clothes next door and most of his trade
they have two children and live in rented accommodation in a village nearby

He is doing some taxi driving for the moment
may need to move his business elsewhere

contributions received 4000+9000
(loss of job+compensation for damage to property)
Estimated damage 150.000+

66 1 2723549



Two very poor ladies with lots of children who used to sell drinks
on the beach have lost their only asset: the drink cooler full of drinks
They are now struggling and living with an income of 20 bah per day

any help offered please contact MARIO above



Kwanta restaurant has been wiped with all its equipment
she told me she has received private donations sufficient to basic needs to start again,

she has also provided a list of telephone numbers of other
businesses near her who have been affected if you wish to help them

KWANTA 66 1 2722595
SUPANEE (help needed posted on this notice board ten days ago)
66 1 8949939

KOBI (KWANTA'S BROTHER bar next door) 01 8941913
ULA SHOP 66 7 2641536
POINPEN 66 1 8959489






Wednesday, January 19, 2005

An Urgent Appeal For Clothes From The Commanding Officer Of Jaffna - Sri Lanka

Last night I received a call on my cell phone from Major S.R. Tirumavithane, who is the Commanding Officer in the North of Sri Lanka from the 4th Gemmunu Watch. He said that 2 of his battalions (no longer active but stationary) were hit hard by the Tsunami on Dec 26th, and they've lost everything they had.

He's been feeding the people with dry rations but is urgently appealing for clothes - adult sized ones. Major S.R. Tirumavithaneis appealing to anyone who can clothe the people in 2 of his batalions (400 people/batallion), he also said that he can give full Sri Lanka Airforce clearance for the clothes coming by plane. The Commanding Officer for the North of Sri Lanka can be reached on +94 0212264155

Meanwhile i've found out that theres a person named - Patrick Perera who's working closely with the STF to transport and distribute supplies primarily to the East of Sri Lanka. At the moment they are supplying to the coastal areas between Pandirippu and Panama. They currently have around eleven large trucks for transportationof goods and personnel on the ground to assist with distribution. They should also be able to provide assistance moving areas to other parts of the island as well.

Also Expo Air have offered free flights for this tsunami crisis:

Conditions of carriage:

* Expo Air is only responsible for loading, transportation and unloading of all relief cargo to an from aircraft
* Carriage of ONLY essential relief goods
* Each shipment should be 10,000 kgs (8 tonnes)
* All trucks carrying cargo MUST be weighed and certified of the weight from a weighbridge.
* Shipper's representative shall accompany their cargo and de dropped off at destination.

Flight Schedule - All flights will commence from Ratmalana Airport

* 2 x flights daily to Ampara at 06:00 & 06:15 hrs
* 1 x flight daily to Wirawila at 08:30 hrs
* 1 x flight daily to Batticaloa at 11:00 hrs
* 1 x flight daily to Jaffna at 13:30 hrs

Please contact GERARD JANSZ (of Expo Air) on 0777 186519 in case you have any cargo you need to drop off at these destinations.

Should you need assistance in consolidating several requests into one shipment of 10,000 kgs/ 8 tonnes, you could contact the CHA Information Centre on 4737782 or 4737783 for assistance.

If anyone can please help these 2 affected battalions in the North please do so and get in touch with Major S.R. Tirumavithane on 0212264155 - they need URGENT help in any way possible.

Posted on Behalf of the Commanding Officer of Jaffna.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Plea By Rotary Club of Colombo Regency: Urgently Needed Relief Items

The urgently needed items in Sri Lanka are - tents, food rations, medicines and child care products.

We are cuurently in the process of getting quotes for the items listed to secure sponsorships.

For more information, please visit the weblog site - www.reliefforsrilanka.blogspot.com

Tharanga Gunaratne (Immediate Past President),
The Rotary Club of Colombo Regency

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fishermen in Phuket, Thailand need engines and nets

We are surveying the local community for mid term needs.

Most fishermen living on the west coast which was affected by the Tsunami have lost part, or most of their equipment.

I am aiming at making a list, but any well intentioned donors could perhaps start organising the operation, I am estimating up to a hundred on this island

Ideally, volunteers interested in helping with this project would coordinate with International Fishermen Associations and local representatives as they can help 'rationalise ' the effort so that help is distributed equally around individuals based on their existing condition, extent of the losses and economic need

Fish is indeed becoming more expensive around here and currently most supply is imported

One lady, Sirithai50@hotmail.com, who was affected by the wave and lives on a beach, has volunteered to coordinate close to her, north of Phuket. She has also lost her entire business and may need some wood and a hand to build her shop

Contact me through the link available in my signature if you need to contact me

Boats and Fishing Nets Needed in Nagore, Tamil Nadu, India

NAGORE (TN): The tidal waves from the sea devoured their near and dear ones and all belongings. Yet, the sea beckons them, as irresistibly as ever, for a hard-earned living and to end a life on others' mercy.

The fishernmen of this village, who survived the tsunami onslaught, are restless to return to the sea for earning a living instead of staying in relief camps.

"Give us boats and fishing nets. We want to go to the sea and earn livelihood on our own. For how many more days should we stand in such queues waiting for food and water?" says Mayyalakan, a fisherman.

Source: The Times Of India, 11 Jan 05

Monday, January 10, 2005

India: Help a child get back to school

Narain had wrote to us about his effort in getting TN kids get back to school:

We along with the Akshara Advertising agency has launched a website aiming at helping children in TN to get back to their school. As you aware of the fact that, they lost all the things, we tried to help them with basic School support materials.

The cost of each kit is Rs.225 (approx US$ 5) and you can do your bit, by visiting this link.

Party in the Middle East to raise relief funds for Tsunami Victims

Party in the Middle East to raise relief funds for Tsunami Victims:

A major event is to be held on Thursday 13th January 2005 in Bahrain to raise funds for the tens of thousands killed in the Tsunami that obliterated much of the coastline of South East Asia last week. The idea was spawned by Radio Bahrain personality Krazy Kevin, whose frequent messages of sympathy for victims over the airwaves sparked himself and the vocally talented Jo Lincoln to form a committee to host a major fundraiser.

Under the umbrella of the newly named ‘Tsunami Relief Fund’, the event, ’Hands Across the Water” will be held at the Diplomat Radisson SAS (Bahrain), in their Grand Ballroom. The hotel has kindly offered its services and staff free of charge for this event.

Many of Bahrain’s societies and prestigious companies have come together to help organise the event, which will almost certainly raise a generous amount of money, 100% of which will be sent to those affected by the disaster through the international charity organisation DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee), an independent body which distributes funds evenly to people displaced by tragedies such as the tsunami.

The fundraiser will be from 2pm to 12am (midnight), with the hours between 2pm-5pm being allocated for families, and many exciting events for the whole family will be available, such as a bouncy castle, face painting and much more. 6pm to 12am (midnight) will be for adults only, where some of Bahrain’s local talented bands have offered to entertain visitors. In addition, there will be raffles with great prizes throughout the day kindly donated by Bahrain’s local companies.

Entrance tickets are BD3 ($8-USD) for adults & BD1 ($2.65-USD) for children.

If you would like to get involved in the event by sponsoring, donating, or for more information on the ‘Hands Across the Water’ please contact Krazy Kevin on 39891757, if you are dialing from outside Bahrain, please call +973-39891757 or email kraazykevin@yahoo.com

Source: Djs - Krazy Kevin from Radio Bahrain - 96.5FM & Gulf Daily News - Kingdom of Bahrain

Psychological Intervention for Disaster Victims - Volunteers Needed

Urgent Appeal for Volunteer Expertise in Psychological Intervention:

Dear friends,
We have received an appeal from the Center for Psychology in Malaysia for professional trainers/psychologists in the area of psychological crisis & disaster intervention (including crisis counseling, psychological trauma support, disaster intervention, disaster psychology). These would be people who would be willing to volunteer their time for about a week or more in Malaysia.

The immediate goal is to equip teams in Malaysia interested in helping in short-term psychological relief efforts for thousands of children and adults in areas most badly affected by the tsunami i.e. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India.
The long-term goal is to explore ways to sustain psychological relief work in the above areas.

The Center is exploring the following possibilities for input from experts from the United States:
1. training Malaysian practitioners on how to train paraprofessionals, aid workers and volunteers in providing immediate psychological support to tsunami victims. (3-4 day training)
2. an introductory training to aid workers and volunteers already going or considering going to the affected areas (half-day training)
3. facilitating a seminar on exploring ways in helping rebuild the mental health infrastructure, community capacity-building, and the reconstruction of individual well-being in the affected areas (one-day seminar)

This request is still at the proposal stage. However, the Center will fund transportation and accommodation costs for 2 -3 experts.
Ideally, we are looking for American experts already in the region of South Asia. Having worked with people in Asia would be a plus. The training provided needs to keep in mind the geographical and cultural aspects of the affected region.

The center has received multiple requests to help in the manner of crisis counseling, but there is very limited resources and expertise to turn to in Malaysia itself. Any ideas you may have in dealing with this massive tragedy is welcomed at this stage. Finally, if you know of funding agencies willing to provide funds for mental health efforts in these affected areas, please let us know.

Contact us by email at quickhelp_world@yahoo.com

Brendan J. Gomez & Patricia Ang
Pennsylvania State University

Click here for more info

Message board for volunteers and aid organisations in German

Dirk Jung has set up a German language message board for volunteers who want to travel to the disaster region, and for organisations who are looking for volunteers to help there.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Help Needed in Thailand, Phanga Prov. Yan Yao Temple

Report from Phanga, Thailand 8 jan 2005, 8pm local time

Yan Yao temple,

Two german volunteers are shifting dead bodies from the refrigerators to the

table for identification purposes.

they say that they are well looked after, but there are about 5000 bodies yet

to be handled

If anyone feels they have the right skills and happen to be in the area
please go give them a hand

Also limited internet access in the area, if someone could set up an internet access point it could be helpful

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Food For Life (FFL)Tsunami Relief Volunteers Needed For Sri Lanka

Registration does not guarantee a position on the FFL Relief Team. We must assess your qualifications and match them to the needs on the ground. You will be contacted within 7 days of your registration. Please note the following information and prerequisites:

You will need to take care of all visa requirements, travel and immunization shots (Cholera, Typhoid, Hep A & B). VegTravel has agreed to temporarily provide wholesale travel discounts for all bonafide FFL volunteers. You must have a return ticket. Volunteers will be picked up at the airport in Colombo, and after a rest, driven to the distribution sites about 10 - 12 hours away. We would ideally like all selected volunteers to be able to arrive on January 15th.

We would like all volunteers to understand that at this time, Food for Life is concentrating on food relief and that conditions are austere. Understand, there may be delays and obstacles along the way. You may be asked to do very simple tasks like cutting up vegetables and cleaning.

FFL will be setting up two new food relief operations from scratch. We are looking for 14 volunteers for these two operations. FFL will be providing accommodation, food and clean water to all volunteers.

Please click here for more info & to register yourself as a volunteer fro FFL

Tsunami Technology Help Needed (Hardware & Volunteers)

$ 4 billion has been pledged to provide for basic needs, in the meantime the is NO organised way of information gathering at this stage because of the nature of the calamity and understandably so.

I am volunteering to set up a team of tech guys to go to South Asia and setup database systems so that decison makers can have a pool to log into and get info at the click of the mouse. At this stage it makes much sense for all efforts to provide the basics , clean and safe water , medicines ,food and shelter. But you will realise that for this to be implemented effectively over time , a sound info system must be put in place so that decision makers know what to send where.

All we will be looking for are people to sponsor us specifically with the following so that we can donate our tech skills for some us who are unemployed BUT want to help.

(i)Desktop Computers - to setup database system.
(iiLaptops - to use on field trips to collect data.
(iii)Tech Volunteers - geeks prepared to go in South Asia and implement these systems.

We managed to get software from Linux and Microsoft distributors and are OK to this end.

We thank you in advance.

Robert Ndaba
347 262 6417

Reply to: blackmanreality@yahoo.com

Volunteers needed for benefit auction in Exeter

Benefit Auction To Aid Victims Of The Tsunami Disaster In South Asia will be held in the beginning of March in Exeter. Both silent and live auctions will be held. Volunteers are needed to work on a committee to organize the event. Activities include calling companies for donations, making baskets for the silent auction table and writing press releases and letters. Volunteers are also needed to work on the day of the auction.

To volunteer or donate items, call Larry Provencher at 772-2522 or e-mail larryprovencher@yahoo.com.

Help rebuild Kosgoda in Sri Lanka

We, like many people, are wary of giving money to a government-run fund (subject to corruption and agendas) or even a huge relief organization, not knowing how the money will be used or where it's making an impact. We think that by focusing on a small part of the affected area, we can efficiently give assistance to people when and how it's needed, and not be overwhelmed by the sheer faceless numbers that we see in the media.

We want to help Kosgoda because we know these people, and we know what they need to rebuild their town and their lives. But obviously, that assistance requires money to fuel it. 100% of all money donated to this cause will go directly to the people who need it; as a group of locals and friends, we have no overhead and we know how best to use the funds. The effect of your funds will be reported on this site.

We can receive your donation in a number of ways. Note that personal checks, cash and bank transfers are preferred, since we have to pay transaction fees on credit cards.

By mail (North America):
Kosgoda Rebuilding Project
c/o Montessori International School
1230 N. Gilbert Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85203
(Checks must be written to Therese Kestner)

By mail (elsewhere):
Kosgoda Rebuilding Project
55/1A W.A. Silva Mawatha
Wellawatte, Sri Lanka
(Checks must be written to Mrs. R. S. W. Wickremesinghe)

In person: Drop off at the address above, or if you know one of the people involved, give it to him or her.

Bank transfer: Mrs. R. S. W. Wickremesinghe, account #0230196036, Bank of Ceylon, Wellawatte

Online: we can charge your credit card, thanks to U-Haul International.

By phone: Montessori International School in Arizona can take your credit card at (480) 890-1580.

For detailed information, please visit the Kosgoda Rebuilding website.

International Mission Board (IMB) - Volunteers Needed for Indonesia

Dozens of people and organizations have contacted our IMB office in Jakarta, asking if they can help. The answer is a qualified YES! At this point, assessment teams are just now being able to enter the afflicted areas. Once they have reported back we believe that we will need volunteers to enter this area.

Specifically, we are looking for three types of volunteers:

1) Those who have prior training in disaster relief, (e.g. - State Convention Baptist Disaster Relief teams), 2)medical personnel, and 3) those with expertise in water purification. If you have medical training, please consider coming on a rapid response emergency medical volunteer team.

We are specifically looking for Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Paramedics/EMT?s, and Pharmacists. Our goal is to have the first medical teams ready to enter some of the worst hit areas within two weeks. At this time, we are only seeking preliminary information to see who is interested in coming and/or in coordinating one of these medical teams. We will probably need volunteer teams to come into this area over the next few months. We have reports that hundreds of doctors are needed in Banda Aceh (the capital of Aceh province) alone.

Volunteers need to be in good health, have their passports current, be able to take off for a week to ten days on short notice and must be willing to work in very difficult areas. Literally tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people are in desperate need of medical care and are not receiving it. This tragedy can be a great opportunity for the people of God to show His love to a dying world.

If you are interested, you can contact Dr. Charles Cole at the Jakarta office of the IMB, Dr. Jim Brown (the coordinator of IMB World Hunger/Disaster Relief) or the Volunteers in Missions dept. at the IMB. We know that many of you who may not have medical or disaster training, may want to come as volunteers, however it is highly unlikely that we would gain permission for you to enter this area. Thank you for understanding these limitations. Again, thank you for your prayers, concern, financial gifts and your willingness to volunteer during this time of tragedy.

In Christ,
Dr. Charles Cole

For more information on volunteering, please contact one of the following:

Dr. Charles Cole: cbcole@emailworld.biz
Dr. Jim Brown: jbrown@imb.org

Church Mission Society (CMS): Relief Volunteers Needed

The Church Mission Society (CMS) is keen to respond as soon as possible to requests from some of our partner churches in Sri Lanka, India and South East Asia for suitable Christian professionals to go and work in those places for three months or longer.

We expect to recruit, select, prepare and send people who are:

  • doctors
  • community-health workers
  • water or structural engineers
  • construction professionals
  • child-care workers
  • community-development workers
  • project managers
  • psychiatrists and others experienced in trauma management counselling.

Please make these needs known to anyone whom you think might be suitable and ask her or him to contact stuart.buchanan@cms-uk.org.

CMS will soon have a full report of the needs in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

We have these specialists visiting our partners and those in the affected areas in Sri Lanka and Indonesia:

  • Adrian Watkins, CMS Regional Manager for South Asia
  • Rev Dr Pat Nickson, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • Garry Ion, specialist on building after natural disasters
  • David Hall, who has worked for DFID as a water engineer

Canon Chye Ann Soh, CMS Regional Director and Shin Yong Tang, CMS Regional Manager for South East Asia leave shortly for Indonesia.

Please encourage enquirers to complete and return our enquiry form.

Forms received by 14 January can be taken by the team for consideration.

Downloadable enquiry form [word]

Download criteria

Please Help To Build An Orphanagefor The Tsunami Children In Southern Srilanka

Considering large number of small children orphaned by the tsunamiin Southern Sri Lanka the California based non profit corporation Insight Mission Society is raising a fund to build an orphanage in Southern Sri Lanka , the Society's Secretary Walter Jayawardhana told the media.

The Society President Venerable Pallebage Chandrasiri Thero said, at least US $ 30, 000 is necessary for the project.

Jayawardhana said the Society is trying to obtain a piece of land from a private donor, close to Matara, away from the sea for the Society to put up buildings. Any interested donor should contact Jayawardhana at the phone number appearing below.

All Checks for the project should be written to Insight Mission Society and mailed to c/o Walter Jayawardhana, 15419 Grevillea Avenue,Lawndale CA 90260.

Jayawardhana said at least two Buddhist temples in Southern California have also promised to divert funds collected by them to this project. Donations from UK, Canada and Australia are also welcome.

Those who are interested to know more details , please call the following telephone numbers for more details:

Venerable Pallebage Chandrasiri (818-768-9382) Walter Jayawardhana (310-644-0230) Kanthi Edirisinghe ( 310-756-6253) Ananda Markalanda (310-603-1326)

Anton Rowel (661-252-3540) Winnie Dissanayaka ( 818-231- 8097) Saman Boralage (818-633-4871) Kumaradasa Samarasinghe (909-983-0630)Doowe Siri Ariyawansa (818-731-1676) (EOM)

Volunteers needed in South India to help tsunami victims

A group of non-governmental organization, the Tsunami-South India NGO Coordination Cell, is currently recruiting volunteers to help with relief operations in South India.

The group is urgently needs Tamil-speaking volunteers to:

1. Manage the central stores in each zone, supervise packing of relief kits and assist the programme team in documentation; 2. Village-level workers to help in enumeration (keeping track of people in need of relief packages), relief kit packing, distribution and recording; 3.Work as counselors in villages.

The Tsunami-South India NGO Coordination Cell is working with 21 local NGOs in seven affected districts -- Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Kanyakumari, and Karaikkal. Relief is being provided to more than 16,000 families.

Speaking for the alliance, Dr Jacob Dharamaraj, Coordinator of the Cell said, "Ours is an informal alliance striving to make a dynamic change in the disaster-torn parts of South India. Staff and volunteers have been tirelessly working long days to set into place plans,
strategies, donations and volunteers to initiate relief, encouragement and a stable return to normality."

The group is also being supported by OXFAM, Hong Kong, Save the Children - UK, Save the Children - Finland, Concern Worldwide - Bhubaneswar and NOVIB.

Tsunami-South India NGO Coordination Cell
No 4, Sathalvar Street
Mugappair West
Chennai 600 037
Phone (Off) +91 44 26244211
+91 44 26357854
Fax (Off) + 91 44 26250315

Appeal to Volunteers from Director, VolunteerSriLanka.org

Dear Volunteers and friends of Sri Lanka:

As you all know, right now things are still very chaotic here. The Sri
Lankan government and the various responding agencies are still assessing
the extent of the damage and devising their long-term recovery and
reconstruction plans.

In response to the overwhelming offers of assistance, the Center for
National Operations, the Sri Lankan Government entity coordinating the
response, relief and recovery efforts, has approved the creation of
VolunteerSriLanka.org (VSL), to help match volunteers with organizations
responding to the disaster in Sri Lanka.

VSL will have a two-fold operational agenda. The first will be a volunteer
help desk to be set up at Bandaranaike International Airport. Volunteers
arriving in Sri Lanka will be able to register at the new VSL help desk.
The information provided will be made available to the major multinational
aid agencies, the major international NGOs and the bilateral aid programs.
However, our primary focus will be the 13,000 small local NGOs operating in
Sri Lanka – those in greatest need of assistance and with the least amount
of resources.

If you have already been placed by VSL, information will be available at the
airport concerning how to contact your sponsoring organization.

The second operational agenda for VSL will be the establishment of a website
that will allow volunteers to visit our website and register online, letting
us know their respective skills, experience, and other pertinent
information. You will also be able to find current information on the
situation in Sri Lanka, health and safety tips, travel suggestions, etc. We
hope to have our website available by Wednesday, January 12.

As soon as our website is ready we will be sending out another e-mail
announcing the launch and inviting everyone who has expressed interest thus
far to visit the website and register.

In the meantime, if you are traveling to Sri Lanka, please look for the VSL
desk upon arrival at the airport. If you live here or have already arrived,
please contact us at VolunteerSriLanka@hotmail.com or call us at +94 11
476-5500 to provide us with the information we need to match you with a
suitable organization.

We aren't guaranteeing we can place every volunteer, but we are dedicated to
matching those willing to sacrifice their time and effort with the needs of
organizations in Sri Lanka. Thank you again for your generous offers of
assistance and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


Tod Bruning
United States Fulbright Scholar
Director, VolunteerSriLanka.org

Appeal to Volunteers from Director, VolunteerSriLanka.org

Dear Volunteers and friends of Sri Lanka:

As you all know, right now things are still very chaotic here. The Sri
Lankan government and the various responding agencies are still assessing
the extent of the damage and devising their long-term recovery and
reconstruction plans.

In response to the overwhelming offers of assistance, the Center for
National Operations, the Sri Lankan Government entity coordinating the
response, relief and recovery efforts, has approved the creation of
VolunteerSriLanka.org (VSL), to help match volunteers with organizations
responding to the disaster in Sri Lanka.

VSL will have a two-fold operational agenda. The first will be a volunteer
help desk to be set up at Bandaranaike International Airport. Volunteers
arriving in Sri Lanka will be able to register at the new VSL help desk.
The information provided will be made available to the major multinational
aid agencies, the major international NGOs and the bilateral aid programs.
However, our primary focus will be the 13,000 small local NGOs operating in
Sri Lanka – those in greatest need of assistance and with the least amount
of resources.

If you have already been placed by VSL, information will be available at the
airport concerning how to contact your sponsoring organization.

The second operational agenda for VSL will be the establishment of a website
that will allow volunteers to visit our website and register online, letting
us know their respective skills, experience, and other pertinent
information. You will also be able to find current information on the
situation in Sri Lanka, health and safety tips, travel suggestions, etc. We
hope to have our website available by Wednesday, January 12.

As soon as our website is ready we will be sending out another e-mail
announcing the launch and inviting everyone who has expressed interest thus
far to visit the website and register.

In the meantime, if you are traveling to Sri Lanka, please look for the VSL
desk upon arrival at the airport. If you live here or have already arrived,
please contact us at VolunteerSriLanka@hotmail.com or call us at +94 11
476-5500 to provide us with the information we need to match you with a
suitable organization.

We aren't guaranteeing we can place every volunteer, but we are dedicated to
matching those willing to sacrifice their time and effort with the needs of
organizations in Sri Lanka. Thank you again for your generous offers of
assistance and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


Tod Bruning
United States Fulbright Scholar
Director, VolunteerSriLanka.org

Friday, January 07, 2005

Sri Lanka: Sponsor an Orphan

There are thousands of children in Sri Lanka who have lost their parents, or whose parents have lost their livelihood. You could sponsor an affected child and contribute towards his/her financial needs.

Vanguard will administer the process of selecting children, coordinating all activities, follow up activities including frequent personal visits and provide regular feedback to sponsors.

What is required from you are,

* A donation equivalent to a monthly payment of SLR.1250.00 or US$ 12.00
* Gifts for birthdays and religious/traditional festivals.
* Personal visit to the sponsored child at least once a year (if resident in SL)

For more information, please email orphans@vanguardfoundation.com or call Ms. Ashani Jayasinghe +94 (0) 777 397176

Counseling Work In Sri Lanka

Contact Person : Ashani Jayasinghe 0777-397174

Looking For Volunteers

In a time of deep distress, the best way you can help someone Is just to find the time to actually listen to them......

Vanguard foundation is on the look out for volunteers to be trained as counsellors to help the Tsumani victims In this time of trauma and turmoil If you can spare the time And you are interested .... please send us your details (Name, Contact Number etc.,) via email to info@vanguardfoundation.com (please indicate on the subject line "volunteer counsellors") or call 0777-397174 or fax 011-4614376

Please do pass this mail to your friends so they might have a chance to join with the aid work and help those people affected by the tsunami.

Info For All Medical Volunteers in Sri Lanka

Info For All Medical Volunteers Travelling to Sri Lanka, Please Contact Official Coodinator for the Tsunami Health Sector Response in Sri Lanka:

Dr. A. Harsha De Silva
Co-ordinating Officer for foreign Medcial Officers and Assistants
Tel: +94-777300177 or +94-723480642
Office: +94-112674680

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Volunteers in Singapore

Calling all Volunteers in Singapore:

Call 24-hour hotline 6416-6655 to volunteer your services. You will be matched to the various organisations according to their needs.

Help Needed in Kerala, India

From our reader:

The St. Joseph International Academy In Kerala,India (in the area around Kollam one of the hardest hit regions in Kerala) needs assistance.

Please contact Mr. Fernandez over the website http://www.stjosephinternationalacademy.com/ .

I had wished to go myself but was unable to gather enough money for my costs. I would be thankful for any teachers who would be willing to go help at this school. My name is Debra Koehler and I can be reached at koehlerdebra@yahoo.de . Here you can also pay for a childs education for one year which includes all day care for 150.00 us dollars per child.This school plays an important role for the education of poor families. Please adopt a child for a year. Thanks Debra

How to help in India - AID India Appeal

There is still a need for volunteers here for different teams. There is also a similar need of volunteers who can spend a few days in Pondicherry/Cuddalore/Nagai/Kanyakumari, preferably those who can speak Tamil. There is also a need for doctors, paramedics and community health workers.

Read more here

Help Preganant Women thru UNFPA

Among those affected by the Tsunamis in Asia are tens of thousands of pregnant and nursing women. Like all expectant mothers, these women need adequate nutrition and access to vitamins, medicines and antenatal care to deliver safely. Even in the best of circumstances, more than 15 per cent of these women would need emergency obstetric care. The trauma caused by the earthquake and tsunamis could push this risk even higher.

In the wake of the disaster, UNFPA is working with partners to assess immediate needs and to supply life-saving medicines and supplies to enable pregnant women to deliver safely. Other UNFPA include emergency obstetric care and the establishment of temporary health facilities.

Read more here

United Nations : Volunteers needed in Srilanka

Source : Voice For Help

Volunteers are needed for United Nations to support relief work in Sri
Lanka. You can help them by providing your professional skills or by on the
ground relief services. If you are interested please contact United Nations
office and add your name to the volunteer database.

Volunteers are needed for United Nations to support relief work in Sri
Lanka. You can help them by providing your professional skills or by on the
ground relief services. If you are interested please contact United Nations
office and add your name to the volunteer database.

Contact UNDP Office 0112580691-7/ 0776904029 (Juan)
UNDP Office
202-204 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
P.O BOX 1505

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Smile Foundation seeks credible NGOs onsite in Tamil Nadu

Smile is a small organisation working with children in eight states. We are interested in finding people/organisation with whom we could partner with for long term rehab of children/commmunities. They would like to get in touch with some credible people/organisation with whom possibilities could be explored.

We all are aware of the havoc created by Tsunami in coastal regions of South Asia spilling over to southern and Island states of our country. Thousands of families have been disaster struck, many swept away by tidal waves and untraceable, the survivors battling for life and survival while being completely awestricken and completely defenseless. Misery falling on them no extent. Our families suffering the worst human pain of experiencing their loved ones having been swept away, home having vanished and life completely at the verge of ruin.

While we can not replace what they have lost but we can certainly make our small human endeavor by attending to their most urgent and pressing immediate need and contribute our might to collectively help bring down the miseries. Smile Foundation, being a developmental support agency working for welfare of children, cannot remain a mute spectator such human catastrophe.

Smile Foundation therefore seeks your help by providing some credible non-governmental organizations active in disaster struck areas of Tamil Nadu with whom it could tie-up for canalizing its contribution in relief measures.

You are requested to respond IMMEDIATELY.

The organizations we look to partner with must:
a.. Have physical presence in affected areas of Tamil Nadu.
b.. Be in active existence for last 2/3 years and involved in developmental activities.
c.. Have a credible track record.
Kindly forward the details at Proposal@smilefoundationindia.org

Anupama Puri (Smile Foundation)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Donate in Boston and Chicago to India and Indonesia

--- From a Blog Reader----------

India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF)Boston Chapter
(Non profit 501(c)(3))

Donate online at www.idrf.org.
100% of contribution will be disbursed by local NGO's to assist with medical services, purchase and repair of fishing boats, distribution of fishing nets, repair of diesel engines and supply of fuel, distribution of textbooks, school equipment and uniforms and house construction and repair of community infrastructure.

The Indonesian Community in Chicago has set up a relief fund for those of you who would like to help.

Indonesian Disaster Relief Fund
Acc# 08462366902, Routing # 271071321
Charter One Bank
400 S. La Salle street
Chicago - IL 60605

For more information, please call: 815 - 254 7208

Donate in Manhattan

--From a Blog Reader--

In affiliation with the American Sri Lanka Buddhist Association, a tsunami relief donation center has been opened at 528 Canal Street in Manhattan at the corner of the West Side Highway. The center is open from 7:30am to 11pm, seven days a week.

The center is asking Manhattan residents and businesses to donate items that are badly needed by the tsunami victims. (We do not accept money) Since all labor for both collection and distribution is voluntary, and shipping containers and shipment to Sri Lanka have already been donated, one hundred percent of all donated items get into the hands of the people that need them.


Nick Spanos
Robert Rowen

For more information, please go to:
American Sri Lanka Buddhist Association
214-22 Spencer Avenue
Parkside Hills, Queens NY 11427
Phone: (718) 468-4262

Another NGO in chennai wants volunteers/doctors


Contact : Tamilnadu Tsunami Relief Initiative

For information on the relief work and to provide your support, contact the TTRI: Samanvaya is coordinating the information on behalf of the network agencies. Call Ram or Rama at (land line) +91-44-25550781 or mobile 09382160811 (Ram) or 9384550781 (Rama).

IMC Providing Emergency Relief to Tsunami Victims in Aceh, Indonesia

IMC responds with direct emergency assistance

A team of health care workers from International Medical Corps (IMC) is now in Aceh to respond to the immediate impact of this disaster. In coordination with local partners and other relief agencies, IMC plans to:

* Conduct mobile clinics with outreach to affected populations
* Secure supplies of clean drinking water
* Distribute hygiene and sanitation kits
* Distribute food
* Provide psychosocial counseling and support to individuals and families
* Provide generators for temporary shelters and health posts/facilities
* Provide body bags to search and rescue teams

IMC will mobilize additional Indonesian and international doctors, midwives/nurses, and water and sanitation engineers to deliver these vital services.

Pre-existing Indonesia program and trained national staff key to quick response

IMC has worked in Indonesia since 2000 providing emergency and primary health care to victims of violence in the Malukus, West and Central Kalimantan, Madura Island, Sumatra and North and Central Sulawesi, including psychosocial services to survivors and victim families of the Bali bombings. Even in the midst of emergencies, IMC focuses on utilizing local staff and building their capacities to provide ongoing direct services to their communities. True to this mission, the vast majority (96%) of IMC’s Indonesia staff are nationals.

Online donation form

Need help building shelters in Vijayawada, India

A Reverend has sent us a request asking us to post this message for help with the rebuilding of shelters and help with orphans of the tsunami shelter. You can contact him here:

Rev. B.B.B.Prabhakara Rao
Santhinagar, #77-18-7.
Singh Nagar Post
Vijayawada - 520015
Andhra Pradesh
South India
Phone: +91.86.202073

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Child Family Health International needs help

CFHI needs help to get aid across to South Asia. See http://www.cfhi.org/campaign.php4?ssno=12

Excerpt: Child Family Health International (CFHI) builds and strengthens sustainable healthcare services in underserved communities worldwide. In keeping with this mission, we provide emergency relief in the form of medical supplies during times of crisis.

How to help from New Zealand

Source: http://www.volunteer.org.nz/communityfund/disasterfund

The Global Volunteer Network has launched an appeal to help those who have been devastated by the tsunami.

Your donation will be used:
• To donate blankets and clothes to those who lost everything (it is currently the cold season).
• To adopt a misfortunate family in the worst hit area, and build them a new house (the cost for a house is around US $1000) so they have a roof above their head again.
• In support for the World Vision Relief Fund - the New Zealand government has promised to match every dollar that is donated. These funds will be used to support rescue teams, food parcels and emergency shelter.

100% of received funds go directly to the relief effort. Please note that WorldPay takes a 4.5% commission for credit card purchases before GVN receives the funds. Donations made to GVN are not tax deductible.

Or alternatively you can post a donation to:

Global Volunteer Network
PO Box 2231
New Zealand

PS. We have has a number of requests for opportunities to go and help in South East Asia. We have been informed that it is better TO send funds at this stage, but we are investigating the need for a rebuilding team to go in February.

Help for Burma's Tsunami Victims and Coastal Communities


• 90+ deaths (likely much higher)
• at least 1,500+ missing
• 17 coastal villages confirmed destroyed (likely more)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is an urgent appeal for help for some of the poorest of the poor.

The world is focused on the South Asia disaster, and the death tolls from Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia are mounting by the hour. Virtually no information or first-hand accounts have come out of Burma, however.

Nonetheless, a quick look at the map shows that southern Burma had to be terribly affected by the tsunami (some good additional maps can be found at Relief Web). The Burmese islands and coastline around the Andaman Sea are just slightly north of the Thai resort of Phuket, which was devastated. In that area of Burma, a unique seafaring people known as the Sea Gypsies (Salone, or Moken) have lived simple lives dependent on fishing for centuries. Their lives will never be the same.

The Foundation for the People of Burma needs your help. Our medical team will be in the affected area next month. With your help, we can alleviate some of the suffering that has resulted from this disaster. With enough support and local participation we can help the people there rebuild their communities for a better future.

All of your contributions go directly to alleviate suffering. The low administrative overhead of the Foundation is fully funded by private donors.

Please consider making a special, tax-deductible contribution now.

Funds may be sent to:

Burma Tsunami Relief Fund
909 Montgomery Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94133

415-486-6527 ph
415-486-6786 fax
IRS EIN: 94-3375666

Hal Nathan, President: (415) 486-6516
Heather Graham, Executive Director: (415) 486-6527
Helen Gunthorpe, M.D., Medical Director (415) 713-4728

Checks should be made payable to: Foundation for the People of Burma. Please specify whether you would like your donation to be used toward the Burma Tsunami Relief Fund, or general programs.

Donations in the form of cash wires and stock transfers are also welcome. Please contact us for account instructions. Donations with your credit card can be made via the DONATE box on the website. (Checks or wires are preferred, however, since there is a small administrative fee taken out by JustGive, the nonprofit that processes our online donations.)

Thank you for your compassion in this grave moment.

Hal Nathan and the Board of the Foundation for the People of Burma

More information on the Foundation is available at our website: www.foundationburma.org

donation to victims in the Phi Phi Islands

If you are a previous of customer of the famous Maprao resort in Phi Phi, you might want to donate to the fund that Guy and Marie-Pia de Fauconval, long-time residents of Phi Phi and the proprietors of the resort, have set up to help the local people. Here's a message from them:

As you know, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket and many other places in Thailand have been severely damaged by the terrible tsunami and, besides the horrific human losses, the numerous injuries and the profound distress, everything has to be rebuilt.

Donations would be welcomed for the first aid and urgent rescue, as well as for the families having lost relatives and friends, their home, their business or their belongings.

For that reason, Maprao Resort has decided to open a special ‘emergency account’.

Please send money donations by swift to the following bank account :

By swift MT 100

Siam Commercial Bank PCL Bangkok (head Office)

Swift code : SICOTHBK

for credit account nr. 537 – 2 – 89694 – 1


Phuket Branch

Siam Commercial Bank PCL

66 Rasada road – Muang Phuket 83000


Tel ++

Fax ++ and ++

You can be assured that your donations will be distributed to the persons in need and only to them.

In order to allow us to keep track of your transaction, please be so kind to send us an e-mail with mention of your name, the amount of your donation and the day of your transaction.

Your kindness and your solidarity in these difficult times are really appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your prompt generosity.

Please forward this message to all your family, friends and relatives!!!!!!!

Maprao Resort
The most authentic resort in
Koh Phi Phi
Le plus authentique des 'resorts' de Koh Phi Phi

Saturday, January 01, 2005

India: Bhoomika Trust, Chennai

This Information taken from a comment written for a previous post

The Bhoomika Trust in Balaji Nagar, Royapettah, Chennai has been sending all the essential commodities to the affected areas in Tamil Nadu. Any one who is willing to help them out in packaging and sending food, clothing, blankets and other relief materials can do so.

Those who are interested can accompany some of their personnel to the affected areas and help them in distributing the food packets, the clothes, the blankets etc. the people there.

Bhoomika Trust
73, 3rd Street,
Balaji Nagar,
Tel: 91-044-24937181
Email : bhoomikaindia@yahoo.co.in

Thanks to Rajiv Shankar for this information.

This Information taken from a comment written for a previous post

In Northern Ireland? Want To Help?

--- From a blogger----

I have been searching for a way to hep the people of the Asia Pacific Region and 2 nights ago I recieved an e-mail in reply to the one that I had sent. It was from a man called Varuni Jayamaha from Sri Lanka his website being www.theacademic.org. He suggested ways in which I could help and I will now be there contact here in Northern Ireland. Although I will need help in organising and collecting items throughout Northern and Ireland, transportation, money donations and any other help or suggestions on setting and carrying this project out will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at stephanie_tsunamirelief@hotmail.co.uk

Friday, December 31, 2004

Other Volunteer Registration Sites

Aid India hosts a web page for tsunami volunteer regsitration.

AID India has hosted a web page for volunteers where they can provide their contact and experience details.

If you are a interested volunteer please register at:

We Need Volunteers - An Appeal By Tamilnadu Tsunami Relief Initiative

- We need volunteers for on the spot assessment of the affected
villages for rehabilitation efforts, we need volunteers to coordinate these
assessment, document the same
- Need volunteers to do counselling with the victims, be available and
talk to them, women volunteers are most welcome
- Need volunteers to coordinate and assist on-field activities at
thiruvarur and sirgazhi
- Also volunteers for sorting out materials, packaging and labelling
them at Gandhi Study Centre and also KFI-the school.

Tamilnadu Tsunami Relief Initiative
Call Ram or Rama at (land line) +91-44-25550781 or mobile
09382160811 (Ram) or 9384550781 (Rama).
Samanvaya:Knowledge Services for the Development Sector -

Appeal from Voluntary Health Association, Kanyakumari

-- Below is an Appeal from VHA, Kanyakumari
Source : Charity Focus

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you

This is from Voluntary Health Association of Kanyakumari, VHAK, an NGO working among children, adolescents, women, youth and grownups in Kanyakumari district since 1994. Since then, it has formed and strengthened more than 7,000 neighbourhood parliaments among these groups.

The tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004 has devastated many coastal villages in Kanyakumari district. The villages Collachel, Kottilpadu, Manakudy, Alikal, Pillaithope, Muttom and Kanyakumari are the most affected villages in this district. The entire village of Kottilpadu, Pillaithope and Alikal have been washed out. The people themselves are involved in removing the dead bodies and helping the people find out their loved ones both alive and dead. In Muttom Parish almost 365 houses were washed out, 42 bodies recovered, 20 more missing and a loss of 12 crores. In Colachel, Kottilpadu village the death toll is still rising. There is very less involvement from the Government be it in removing the debris or recovering the bodies from the rubble.

The children’s parliaments that functioned in the coastal villages have either lost their precious members or the members have lost their parents and become orphans. Almost 70 % of the dead were children.

The district administration is not well-equipped and trained to cope with this sort of calamities. As a result, they are in a state of stalemate whereupon they do not know what to do. It is the NGOs who are working hard to do some relief activities among the affected people. VHAK is one among them.

At present, on a short term basis, the staff and the volunteers of VHAK, numbering more than 500 would like to involve in undertaking emergency relief measures like medical help, supply food and clothing and temporary shelters.

We would like to obtain your cooperation in this respect in the form of financial assistance. Please let us know your response at the earliest time possible.

Please visit our website to confirm.

The amount could be sent to:

Voluntary Health Association of Kanyakumari (VHAK),

28, Kesari Street,
Nagercoil - 629 001
Kanyakumari dist., Tamilnadu

Bank details:
Account No: 397
Indian Overseas Bank
Vetturnimadam – 1043
Nagercoil – 629 003
Kanyakumari dist.,

May we hear from you.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Sr.Mercy Palatty,

Donation information for Singapore

Donating by mail

The Singapore Red Cross Society is hoping to raise S$1 million for the relief effort. You can mail a cheque to:
"Singapore Red Cross Society"
15 Penang Lane
Singapore 238486
Indicate "Tidal Waves Asia" and your name, address and phone number at the back of the cheque.

Donating by ATM

Donations can be made at DBS, POSB, and OCBC ATMs. For DBS/POSB ATMs, after you enter your PIN, select "iBanking, Cashcard and More Services". After that, select "Credit Card/Bill Payment". Choose "Red Cross Tidal Waves Asia" from the list that appears. When asked for your bill reference, enter your telephone number. Choose the account type you want to make the donation from and enter the donation amount.

Donating by phone

From any phone, you can call 1900 112 1226 and 1900 112 1227 to donate $10 or $50 respectively

Those who wish to donate by SMS can do so in the following ways, depending on your network:

SingTel: SMS *1226 to donate $10, *1227 to donate $50
M1: SMS DONATE to 8880 to donate $10
StarHub: Reply to the StarHub SMS to donate $10

Donating in person: cash and cheques

For those who have cash or cheques to donate in person, you can drop by:
  • Red Cross House at 15 Penang Lane with cash or a cheque between 9am and 5.30pm (weekdays) or 9am and 12.30pm (Saturdays).
  • News Centre at 1000 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 318993 between 9am and 6pm daily from 30 Dec 2004 to 7 Jan 2005.
As above, cheques should be made payable to "Singapore Red Cross Society". Please write "Tidal Waves Asia" on the back with your name, address, and contact number.

If you wish to donate specifically to Sri Lanka, cash and cheques (made payable to "Brahm Education Centre Ltd") can also be given to Brahm Education Centre at 9 Geylang Lor 29 #04-02, Singapore 388065, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm.

Donating in person: supplies

For those who wish to give in kind, Sri Lankan Airlines is airlifting emergency relief supplies to Sri Lanka daily. They are appealing for:
  • portable generators
  • water purification tablets
  • food staples
  • intravenous infusions of saline and dextrose
  • drugs like paracetamol and antibiotics
  • wound dressing
  • other necessary relief supplies
  • EDIT 31 Dec 2004 12.49am: Sri Lanka now says they have enough food and medical supplies, what they now need are essentials such as new clothes for women and children, sanitary wear, women’s underwear, towels and temporary housing material (Lanka Business Online)
The Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore can handle all public donations. The High Commission is at #13-07/12, Goldhill Plaza, 51 Newton Road, Singapore 308900, and is open from 9 am to 5.15 pm on weekdays.

Donations can also be dropped off at Ananda Travel's branches in the CBD, People's Park, and Woodlands, and at the following IndoChine restaurants: IndoChine Club Street, IndoChine Waterfront at Empress Place, IndoChine Wisma Atria, IndoChine Holland Village, and Forbidden City at Clarke Quay (free finger food to all donors; please donate by 2 Jan 2005).

Singapore Press Holdings is also collecting emergency supplies. Please bring clothing and blankets and sheets to News Centre, 1000 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 318994, between 9am to 6pm daily until Fri 7 Jan 2005.

The Singapore Buddhist Federation (6586 0250) is also collecting supplies. Please bring all supplies to 88 Recycling Kiosk,Bus Bay, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, 88 Bright Hill Road Singapore 574117, from Wed 29 Dec 2004 to 5pm, Sun 9 Jan 2005.

The Tisarana Buddhist Association is collecting medicine, first aid items, toothbrush, toothpaste, canned food, dry food and clean / new blankets, towels and clothes. Please pack them in bags or boxes and label them separately (eg. Food, Blankets, Medicine). Clothes to be separated
and labeled MALE, FEMALE, CHILDREN. Boxes are preferred but DO NOT seal. Please bring them to the Tisarana Buddhist Association, 90 Duku Road, off Still Road, from 9am-8pm daily. Last collection: 9 Jan 2005 before 5pm.

The Love & Unity Volunteers Establishment is also collecting supplies. Please bring them to the Love & Unity Volunteers Establishment, 37 Pheng Geck Avenue, Singapore 348232, between 8.30am and 10pm daily.Contact Tommy Yu at 9847 9995 or Raymond Tang at 9733 3276 for more information.

Donated to:Sri Lanka

Charity functions

IndoChine is also having a charity night on Thurs, 6 Jan 2005, from 7pm till late at Forbidden City Clarke Quay. All proceeds go to the Singapore Red Cross.

Source: Daryl Sng